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NIN tickets for sale on my ebay account

hey peeps

I have two NIN tickets on sale
on my ebay account.

I am unable to go to the Chicago show next Friday,
and I have to sell the tickets.
I am guessing that the bids might get kinda high,
The show is SOLD OUT
and the starting bid is at 100.00

I was relying on a check that has not come yet
to drive to the concert (I live in Michigan)
I am unable to attend this beautiful event.

NIN is coming back in the fall!!!!

So i am okay with this.

So if anyone is interested
in buying the tickets look for the seller


(My Moms account...horray)

Ely Davis
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I'm sorry about that...i've seen them on the Astoria shows, in London. They were absolutely amazing.

I cannot help you with the tickets, i'm from Spain and Chicago it's a *little* far :P

Good luck!
Well, I forgive you, hahaha. That is fine, no problem!! Hhehehe. I am okay with it, they are coming back in the fall, it is all good. I heard they rock, I heard they play "hurt" is that true? Cause that would rock
Yeh, they play Hurt, and it's a very emotional moment!
AWSOME!!!!! YES!!! I get to see thme in the fall...see them in the fall.....
Ebay tickets, you won't have to deal with many of the problems associated with Craigslist. The main problem with Ebay is that in an auction style format you have very little control over the price of the tickets. Although you can modify the 'reserve' to set a minimum level you will sell the tickets for, this will not do you much good if your auction ends close to the actual event you are selling. Perhaps the biggest inconvience of using Ebay is that you are required to complete the transaction several days before the event. While that can be an advantage, often times ticket prices increase as you get closer to the event and there are less tickets on the market. In addition, Ebay will offer nothing to those looking to make a last minute sale. Lastly, Stubhub offers up a boatload of problems to people looking to buy and sell tickets.

ebay tickets selling