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My first few Nine Inch Nails icons - not very artistic, but hey.

5 x NIN
2 x Other


1. Image hosted by 2. Image hosted by 3. Image hosted by 4. Image hosted by 5. Image hosted by


1. Image hosted by 2. Image hosted by

If taking: You know how it goes, comment here, credit when used, no hotlinking blah, blah...
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I took all nin, will credit, love the complicate one!
i was browsing around the internet, and i found a wonderful animated LJ userpic of trent. only problem is it's 64KB, making it too large to use in LJ. i was wondering if you, or anyone in this community, could help me out and fix it for me? :-D i'd really appreciate it.

I have NO idea how to make a .gif file smaller sadly, I've got a few icons like that myself that I can't use coz they're like 0.5 KB too big. Hopefully someone else will notice your comment, or you could always ask in an icon help community.

Btw, I love your icon.
i can fix those for you, if you want to send them to my email.
haha this is a really old comment. i was roaming and found your comment. i know how to do this and if you want...i can help you. you probably have that sorted out by now though. if not, comment back and let me know.
i totally still have it. it seems you're the only one who knows how to do it!

gimme an email. :)
64kb is pretty big, but i've made that size smaller. i can try it.

my email is
just send the icon there, if you want.
Taking the second one. Thanks. Will Credit.
Snatched 4 & 5
Not very artistic Trent's ass!

P.S. Is #1 from a song? Sounds very familiar.

P.P.S. Forgot to add this bit:

Hell fucking yes.
:D Nice picture! Yes, it's from a song! 'Underneath It All', the Fragile Right Disk ^__^!
Some person in the NTR community commented on something and I thought that what they said would make a good title. "aWITHaASSUuh". =D

I can't believe myself. WHY did I not remember that? -sigh- And what's worse? The Fragile is probably one of my favorite Halos. I swear it's my lack of sleep.
How did you make those? (have alot of free timeon my hands!!!!)
Mostly just messing around with the effects in Photoshop. I'm not very good at it, but it's fun to play around with them until you learn how to use them/like what you see. But I can't alter the picture sizes in PS because I SUCK at using it, so I just used Paint for that bit. As for the fonts, there are plenty of sites that have font downloads, so check them out.
so hey I got GIMP bc I am cheap..and I have NO IDEA ( I am on DeviantArt) how to use it..